Citizenship flag at the top of «Himalayas»


I took a citizen went their sons and nine-day trek in the mountains of Nepal, to raise the UAE flag on one of the highest peaks of the Himalayas.

The mother of Magda Masood «Emirates Today»: «I could not find a way to express love for my country but to bear the difficulties and risks, such as I am on my way to the top of the mountain (Tang Lang), which increases the height of 5000 meters, the highest science to which my country, and be the first Emirati raising the flag on this spot high ».

Not only the journey to raise the flag, but surpassed them that I took large amounts of charity for 80 orphaned children, provided by them in an orphanage in Nepal.

Mother says «I took my children and the UAE flag and assistance and tenderness to several areas in Nepal, to know all of Iqapelln campaign carrying the message of this science and the best bid».

The story of the idea of the initiative of the daughter of Magda student Heba Issa, who participated with her colleagues at Zayed University in voluntary work in Cambodia to build a school and returned with the student and are determined to replicate the experience in Asian countries are poor.

Magda says «we know the existence of an orphanage in need of assistance in Nepal, I decided my children (a gift and passion Abdul Aziz) to proceed there to give them aid charitable, educational tools and enough for 80 children, the population of the house».

And Troy «went to the Mountains (Tang Lang), one of the Himalayas, to go up to the peak, and the trip was arduous and very dangerous, as it took its rise about nine consecutive days, we spent some nights in the darkness under the heavy rain, and we walked in the narrow roads, and to risk of falling in the canyons, and warned some of the potential predators attack us, like tigers, which is famous for the region ».

And follow up «pride when we are getting a tiger on the existing villages in the mountains, and the eyes of the population to haunt us preceded by curiosity to talk to us and get to know our identity, and why we felt to cover (hijab), the more surprised when they know we are Arabs from the UAE Verdun that this is the first time I set foot in the Arabs here, they used to pass them foreigners from America, Europe, Asia and other nationalities ».

She says «we take the opportunity to tell them about the UAE and its people, and the goal came for, is to help orphaned children without regard to race or religion».

The mother, which in the fifth decade of life, severely injured in the foot, because of the troubles experienced by the rise of the mountains, but continued its way up the national flag for the UAE at an altitude of 5000 meters.

Although the incidence of «off Magda and her children in a new travel trip lasted 19 hours between the bushes in an old car, to reach the city (poker), as is the orphanage».

She says «the way we were in danger more than once, as we walked in the way of rugged steep enough to one car, and the stadium was more like soap from the intensity of silt and mud caused by continuous rains».

The following «We have charity for children and the youngest about two months, and the oldest 19 years, all in various stages of education».

Not only the mother do it, but began to undergo therapy sessions bioenergy «Reiki», a specialization that I learned in India, and practiced in Dubai.

According to «teach them how to relax and meditate and control of emotions and psychological pressure for intellectual development and promote self».

In conclusion, Magda «we tried through this journey to contribute to raising the educational level, material and moral support to these orphans, and most important what we have accomplished, we raised the flag on the UAE one of the highest parts of the Earth»

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